Foreign Trade Flows (Chord Diagram)

In honor of the looming trade war, here's a diagram I made which displays how much money changed hands in trade between the US, EU, Canada, and Mexico in 2016. While it may look like a relatively small portion of the aggregate total trade, thats still a lot of money.

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Time Series Analysis in R

Lately I've been looking to explore time-series modeling and to get more practice with manipulating data in R. Luckily, a dataset on Kaggle provided me the opportunity to do both of these things. Attempting to predict future sale volume of items in stores (from 1-C russian store sales dataset) gave me the chance to apply the theoretical knowledge I've been studying of time-series analysis (ARIMA in particual). Additionally, I was able to get more comfortable with dplyr and lubridate in the process. more ...

Practice at Dimensionality Reduction with SKlearn

I found some free time and thought I'd finally get some more practice at dimensionality reduction. With this goal in mind, I went onto Kaggle and found a competition(Estimate house prices) which looked appropriate to practice these skill with. Throughout this post I walk through the steps I took from cleaning and standardizing the data, to finally performing PCA and fitting a simple linear regression to the top five most influential eigenvectors! Not the most accurate regression ever, but great practice and surprisingly efficient given it drops 81 variables into only 5.

Nigerian Airline Frequency Analysis

A summary report of work I did for a Data Analytics II course at SNHU. Fictional company, Austin Air, is looking to enter the international airline industry with a goal of capturing a significant market share of business focused around Nigeria. Analysis will provide a look at the current industry and suggest strategies towards implementing a pilot program for the company to introduce to the market and achieve their goal.

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2018 March Madness Bracket Predictor (part III)

Part three of my attempt to predict NCAA tourney results based on past game data. As cleaning and var creation is out of the way now, this segment will focus on fitting the data to different classifiers in scikit-lelarn and tweaking parameters to determine a classification model with the best prediction power.

Quick Qlikview Project

Quick dashboard I threw together in Qlikview for a school assignment. Data was a survey collection of goal opinions of 4th to 6th graders in Michigan schools. A few demographic variables are also recorded.

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