A collection of dataset that I:

      -have used for projects on this site

      -expect to explore sometime in the future

      -or simply find interesting

U. S. Birthrates
Originally from US Baby Name Dataset and manipulated to work in time series focused on birth counts.

Country Happiness
An aggregate of data I collected from the World Happiness Index 2016, Democracy Index 2015, The World Bank, and Wikipedia.

U.S. Baby Names
Originally from, U.S. Baby Names over about a hundred years.

TDWP Shows 2006-2014
Data which I scraped from Songkick and used for the TDWP show chrolopleth on this site.

Goodreads Best Books
Scraped from with the help of Kimono API -It took about 32 hours to complete!- cleaned

Workplace Injuries user uploaded dataset. List of about 537 workplace related injuries.

NCAA Regular Season Dataset
Final csv from the cleaned and manipulated dataset NCAA Season Data (2003-2017) obtained from The result of Parts I and II of my march madness predictor project.

Michigan Student (4th- 6th graders) Survey
Survey data used for the Qlikview dashbaord I created for DAT 320 class. Asking students their most important goals in school. Originally from Carnegie Mellow University

Coffee Buyer Survey
Personally collected results from 3-day survey (distributed on social media) focused on coffee purchasing habits. I used this data within the Coffee Buyer Survey Post located here.

Weekly Chicago Crime Rates
Aggregate weekly crime rate totals for Chicago from Jan 1, 2001 to Jun 8, 2019. Used in my Chicago Crime Forecaster.