A collection of dataset that I:

      -have used for projects on this site

      -expect to explore sometime in the future

      -or simply find interesting

U. S. Birthrates
Originally from US Baby Name Dataset and manipulated to work in time series focused on birth counts.

Country Happiness
An aggregate of data I collected from the World Happiness Index 2016, Democracy Index 2015, The World Bank, and Wikipedia.

U.S. Baby Names
Originally from, U.S. Baby Names over about a hundred years.

TDWP Shows 2006-2014
Data which I scraped from Songkick and used for the TDWP show chrolopleth on this site.

Goodreads Best Books
Scraped from with the help of Kimono API -It took about 32 hours to complete!- cleaned

Workplace Injuries user uploaded dataset. List of about 537 workplace related injuries.

NCAA Regular Season Dataset
Final csv from the cleaned and manipulated dataset NCAA Season Data (2003-2017) obtained from The result of Parts I and II of my march madness predictor project.

Michigan Student (4th- 6th graders) Survey
Survey data used for the Qlikview dashbaord I created for DAT 320 class. Asking students their most important goals in school. Originally from Carnegie Mellow University

Coffee Buyer Survey
Personally collected results from 3-day survey (distributed on social media) focused on coffee purchasing habits. I used this data within the Coffee Buyer Survey Post located here.