2018 March Madness Bracket Predictor (part III)

Part three of my attempt to predict NCAA tourney results based on past game data. As cleaning and var creation is out of the way now, this segment will focus on fitting the data to different classifiers in scikit-lelarn and tweaking parameters to determine a classification model with the best prediction power.

Quick Qlikview Project

Quick dashboard I threw together in Qlikview for a school assignment. Data was a survey collection of goal opinions of 4th to 6th graders in Michigan schools. A few demographic variables are also recorded.

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2018 March Madness Bracket Predictor (part II)

Section two working towards a finding a model in which to predict the 2018 NCAA tourney results. This segment takes the cleaned csv file from part I and further manipulates it into a format appropriate for fitting to models. The primary problem with the current format is the fact each row revolves around a game. This code will split the rows into two- One for the winner and one for the loser.

2018 March Madness Bracket Predictor (part I)

First step in creating a 2018 March Madness Bracket predictor for both personal practice with scikit-learn and to compete in the Kaggle competition this year. Part 1 revolves around cleaning the data and creating new variables to use in modeling.

A Few Macroeconomic Graphs in R

Collection of the graphs- and code to create such graphs- I threw together for a macroeconomics final project. Project's focus was a survey of the macroeconomic environment of the U.S. between 1995-2005 and the effects particular events within that time had on GDP, Growth, Unemployment, Trade, etc.
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Return on Marketing Investment

Another project completed during Udemy's Tableau A-Z course. This was more focused on exploration and analysis of the data provided. Cluster analysis in particular was explored and evaluated throughout.

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