2018 March Madness Bracket Predictor (part II)

Section two working towards a finding a model in which to predict the 2018 NCAA tourney results. This segment takes the cleaned csv file from part I and further manipulates it into a format appropriate for fitting to models. The primary problem with the current format is the fact each row revolves around a game. This code will split the rows into two- One for the winner and one for the loser.

2018 March Madness Bracket Predictor (part I)

First step in creating a 2018 March Madness Bracket predictor for both personal practice with scikit-learn and to compete in the Kaggle competition this year. Part 1 revolves around cleaning the data and creating new variables to use in modeling.

A Few Macroeconomic Graphs in R

Collection of the graphs- and code to create such graphs- I threw together for a macroeconomics final project. Project's focus was a survey of the macroeconomic environment of the U.S. between 1995-2005 and the effects particular events within that time had on GDP, Growth, Unemployment, Trade, etc.
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Return on Marketing Investment

Another project completed during Udemy's Tableau A-Z course. This was more focused on exploration and analysis of the data provided. Cluster analysis in particular was explored and evaluated throughout.

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Customer Segmentation Dashboard

First go at creating a dashboard in Tableau. Data used was an example dataset of customer data from a newly formed bank in the UK. The data, and the project as a whole, was done originally as part of Udemy's Tableau A-to-Z course.

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Injured Worker Causes

Quick and dirty look at the causes of workplace injuries. Data obtained from Kaggle.com and, while not a very comprehensive list (sample size is only 537), I'm using this as more of an experiment with Jupyter notebook and pelican.